Our Story

Our founders, Angela Hammell, specializing in the field of addiction recovery and Jackie Muth, a family nurse practitioner, have worked in both private and public health sectors during the entire scope of their health careers.

Through their experience, they realized that patients were not getting the care they truly deserved nor were they being truly heard. This evoked a change in them and the way they saw patient care. They decided to dedicate their lives to a better understanding of how our current standard of healthcare can be supported by a level of care that embodies mind-body connectedness. The idea of treating a person as a whole and not an individual part. Their research into the connection of mind and body started an entirely new journey and in early 2019, they came together to truly make a difference in the world.

Later in 2019 was when Dakova Health was born, the idea of a better future for patient care. It all started with a dream to increase the quality of healthcare, making it easily accessible and more focused on the patient. This meant spending more time with each patient, evaluating their needs on an individual level and providing continued, ongoing support, looking beyond the condition and deeper into the person on the inside.

The name Dakova came from a building, nestled deep in the heart of Duncan, BC. That building was chosen to house their practitioners and was completely renovated to house their practitioners and the beautiful lives of patients that that building would support on their journey to wellness. Unfortunately, weeks before opening, COVID-19 hit the world by storm and Dakova was unable to open to the public. Their dream of offering better health care seemed to fade, although, Jackie and Angela did not let that stop them. They jumped online with their group of practitioners, brainstorming ideas and aiming to find an alternative way to help people. And that’s when Dakova transformed into something bigger than they once imagined. A way of not only helping those in the community but rather a multi-faceted, virtual means of care and a way of being able to help people across Canada.