Our Team

With Dakova Health, each practitioner is hand-picked in order to ensure that you receive the best quality care that we can offer and offering us the ability to help on multiple different levels. We recognize the need for a diverse group of individuals, with various strengths and approaches to ensure that individually or collaboratively, they will lead you on your path to healing. We developed our standards of care with an approach that incorporates both physical and mental health, treating you as an entire person, not just as one part. At Dakova, we take health care seriously and consider all aspects of who you are, integrating the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your being. We don’t rely on just one approach; we rely on the team to provide you with the best care possible. Meet our team of hand-picked professionals:
Angela Hammell
• Mental Health • Trauma • Addiction Recovery •
Geri Laurence
• Emotional Health Specialist • Trauma-Informed Approach •
Clayton Campbell, RSW, MSW, CCAC
• Mental Health • Addiction Recovery •
Dr. Jeremy Unwin, DTCM, M.IACH
• Counsellor • Hypnotherapist •
Jackie Muth, FNP, NP, MN, BScN, OAT certified
• Nurse Practitioner • Primary Care • Mental Health and Addiction Care •
Amy Meerdink
• Grief • Trauma • Anxiety • Depression •
Candi Corbette
• Holistic Nutritionist •